Choose One-of-a-Kind

Choose One-of-a-Kind

What does TruCFU Technology™ mean?

Using patented TruCFU Technology™, our Probiotic is a single “Super Strain” culture that is grown under our exact specifications to create a tough protein coat that protects the living organism from harmful conditions where most Probiotics simply cannot survive. This means it does not require refrigeration and is not overly sensitive to heat, light, humidity or changes in pH.

Unlike most common Probiotic products, our “Super Strain” remains fully alive and active throughout the harsh conditions of the digestive system allowing it to reach the small intestines and colon where it immediately begins to repopulate the good bacteria and crowd out the bad bacteria.

With over 100 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) per serving, our scientifically studied Bacillus subtilis Probiotic strain is sure to help promote optimal digestive health, help maximize absorption of critical nutrients while supporting a strong and healthy immune system.

TruCFU Technology™ is the seal to look for to ensure the correct amount of helpful bacteria is provided in a form designed to improve your overall gut performance.

You deserve the BEST!

We are very pleased to say that a variety of our SuperStrain Probiotic formulations are being used around the world by Professional Athletes, US Special Forces and Triathletes just to name a few. We believe that everyone should have the right to take that same professional grade Probiotic products used by the nation’s best athletes and warriors.

At Best Wellness and Nutrition, we don’t just recommend our products, everyone in our company and our family members take them every single day! If we don’t believe that our products are good enough for our family and dearest friends, we won’t sell them to you!

Superior Quality

You can have the confidence in knowing that Best Wellness & Nutrition makes it top priority to only offer the absolute best products available.

Our quality control exceeds industry standards in many ways:

  • Made in the USA in a state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art, FDA regulated and inspected facility and has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective.
  • Manufactured under the stringent standards of cGMP.
  • Guaranteed to contain the highest grade, toxin-­‐free ingredients.
  • Tested and validated to contain precisely what is listed on the label.
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