About Us


Best Wellness and Nutrition (Probaxstra) was founded with a single-minded mission: to help families, friends, and others experience a better, more healthy, and higher quality of life by using safe, natural, and scientifically-proven probiotic products.  

Probaxstra’s probiotic & vitamin is one of the first products to combine a great probiotic with a full range of multivitamins.


Every time we looked at the current probiotics on the market, we thought "so what?" We couldn't understand why it takes these products so long - weeks or months - until you begin to notice an improvement in your health.   This notion of status quo was rejected by us because we felt there had to be A BETTER WAY.

Through rethinking probiotics, we found a better way.  Our GI tract plays an important role in maintaining our immune system, and we fully understood this.  If 70% of your immune system is located in the small intestine then why do the current probiotics work in just the large intestine? 

A BETTER WAY was to select a probiotic that works in the small intestine.

As a result, we focused on formulating new products to ensure that all of the critical nutrients and supplements you need can be readily absorbed so that you can enjoy fast, safe and effective results.


Unlike everyone else, we use a proprietary super strain probiotic instead of a generic combination.

Our products are made in cGMP/FDA-regulated facilities

Our products require no refrigeration

OUR BETTER WAY...Helps to:

Maintain good health and improve digestion