Steve Nabity

Steve Nabity submitted this video after PROBAXSTRA Probiotic's helped him to recover from a massive GI heat stress episode that he suffered during his pre-race training for the Kona, HI Ironman Triathlon.

Dr. Ron H. Smith 


I am Ron Smith a 73 year old Professor Emeritus at Auburn University.  After 44 years I continue to work with the University as an Extension Entomologist and also conduct field research evaluating new chemistry and genetically altered crops for agricultural insect control.  This work is very physically demanding under challenging environment conditions.  I have noted that my endurance and ability to do physical work in extreme heat has improved since I began using PROBAXSTRA Probiotic's about one month ago.  The photo sent earlier was made after 4 consecutive hours working with only fluid breaks, when the temperature was 95 degrees F with a heat index of 104 degrees F.


KJ Durkin

My family has been taking these probiotics for the last few months, and our overall health is visibly apparent and evident. Super product, and I will never take another probiotic except yellowhammer. Internal gut health is related to so many other health issues, and yellowhammer probiotic makes a difference. I feel energized, less fatigued, balanced, and my concentration has improved. I highly recommend this probiotic to all my friends and family. Five stars and a game changer for my life in the form or overall health and wellness. Thank you yellowhammer. It has been most beneficial for sick elders in my family and my children.